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Technology solutions for your home or business

Emergency Services

Your data is truly the most important thing on your computer. So what happens when your hard drive crashes and you can't access your wedding pictures, your client's taxes, or the mortgage documents?

Well, thankfully, not all is lost! Rush Tech Solutions can recover your data for you on both Macs and PCs!

We can also setup an automated backup solution so you never have to worry about losing data again.

Rush Tech Solutions knows that your business relies on technology to function. We also know the challenges small businesses face deploying and maintaining their technology. With our managed services you can rest assured that your technology will stay up and running because we monitor it 24/7 and can fix problems before they happen. This ensures that you will not have any downtime.


Did you know that most computer problems can be solved remotely about 80% of the time? Contact us for your remote support needs.

Managed & Remote Services

New Hardware Setup

If you have purchased a new computer or new router, Rush Tech Solutions can help set it up. We know how confusing new technology is, so let us help ease the process of transferring data or making your network secure.

We can also help you design your new network infrastructure.

Repair & Maintenance

If your computer doesn't boot or your laptop screen is broken, we can repair or upgrade them. We can help determine which parts are bad and replace or repair them as necessary.


Viruses and spyware are the most common source of computers running slow or not acting properly. Rush Tech Solutions can remove these and clean up your computer before they cause extensive damage and get it back to operating the way it was supposed to, often in less than an hour.

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